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Ceramic Bowl, Black Cat Art, Black Cat Gifts, Black Cat Bowl, Cat Lover Gift, Surprised Cat, Skinny

Black cats have a mystic quality, that is fun to capture in cat art. This surprised black cat, who I assume lives outside and has a secret life from its owner, is a perfect gift for a cat lover. The interior of the pottery bowl is made with green, brown, bronze and white ceramic glazes. The black cat is a ceramic decal, which is food safe.

The bowl is made with beige stoneware clay. The smooth glaze in the interior, is in contrast with the textured brown/green glaze on the exterior. The black cat bowl is food, dishwasher and microwave oven safe. The approximate dimensions of this pottery bowl are:

Height: 2.5 in /6.3 cm

Width: 5.25 in / 13.3 cm

Depth: 1.75 in / 4.4 cm

Liquid Capacity: 8 oz / 236 mL

Weight: 1 lb / .45 kg

For more information about this black cat, or to purchase this bowl, please visit:

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