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Ceramic Bowl, Cosmic Bowl, Gift for Stargazer, Blue and White Pottery Bowl, Serving Bowl, Moon and Stars, Art Pottery, Home Decor, Pasta Pot

Updated: May 18

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Explore the moon and stars in your living or working space. The interior of this space art pottery bowl is a glossy blue, with a golden moon and stars. The moon and stars are intertwined the exploding lavender glaze. The moon and stars are food and dishwasher safe decals. The exterior of the ceramic bowl is a soft matte white, with blue dripping glaze. A perfect gift for a stargazer.

The blue and white ceramic dish is made with white stoneware. The ceramic bowl is food and dishwasher safe. The approximate finished dimensions of the space art bowl are:

Height: 3 in/ 7.6 cm

Width: 6.25 in/ 15.8 cm

Depth: 2.5 in/ 6.3 cm

Liquid Capacity: 2.25 C/ 532 cm

Weight: 2 lb/ .9 kg


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