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Ceramic Bowl, Gray and Blue Shapes, Zentangle Doodles, 60's Inspired Geometric Shapes

Gray and blue are the coolest colors; especially found in a 60's inspired ceramic bowl. This charming medium-small bowl will compliment your home or office.

There's no reason to eat your cereal, ramen noodles or mac and cheese in a boring bowl. This bowl is fun to look at and use daily. A simple, elegant bowl with unlimited uses: functional or decor enhancing.

The piece was thrown on the potter's wheel using white porcelain, hand painted with underglaze paints and china/porcelain paint. The interior is glazed with clear glaze; the exterior is glazed with gray and sepia floral design.

This bowl can be hand washed or place in the dishwasher. Of course the bowl is microwave safe. All of my handmade pottery is made with non-toxic clay and glazes. While they are microwave and dishwasher safe, they are also works of art and I recommend hand-washing to preserve the vibrancy of the glaze over time. If you are looking for a handmade gift for that special person in your life, this ceramic bowl would make a great one because unique bowls make unique gifts!!!

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Height: 3 in / 7.6 cm

Width: 4.75 in / 12 cm

Liquid Capacity: 13 ounces/ 384 mL

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