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Ceramic Bowl, Pin Up Girl Abducted By UFO, Gift for Pin Up Girl Admirer, Gift for Donut Lover, Decorative Collage Bowl, Serving Bowl, Gray

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It isn't very often that you see a pin up girl, standing in a donut almost being abducted by a UFO in a ceramic bowl. This ceramic bowl is a fun gift for a pin up girl lover, who has a sense of humor and adventure. The unique bowl is a one-of-a-kind collage piece is made with ceramic decals. The decals are protected with a clear glaze. The exterior of the piece is black and gray glazes in an unusual pattern.

The multi-use bowl can be used as a serving, soup, pasta or snack bowl. The sci-fi art pottery bowl is food, microwave and dishwasher safe. The approximate dimensions of the porcelain bowl are:

Height: 2.5 in/ 6.3 cm

Width: 6.87 in/ 17.4 cm

Depth: 2 in/ 5 cm

Liquid Capacity: 3 C/ 709 mL

Weight: 2.5 lb/ 1.1 kg


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