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Ceramic Bowl, Robot Art, Wonky Bowls, Steampunk Decor, Robot Decor, Mid-Century Robot, Bots, Robot Design, Gift Robot Lover, Vintage Robot

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A mid-century robot is going crazy in a wonky, hand painted and decal decorated porcelain bowl. The robot bowl can be used for serving salads, soups or side dishes. The pottery bowl is an unusual and fun gift for a robot lover.

The retro robot bowl is made with porcelain pottery. The interior is a combination of hand painted and decal images covered with a clear glaze. The exterior of the bowl is a matte gray. This bowl is wonky and full of character. The approximate finished dimensions of the bots bowl are:

Height: 2.75 in/ 6.9 cm

Width: 8 in/ 20.3 cm

Depth: 2.25 in/ 5.7 cm

Liquid Capacity: 3.5 C/ 828 mL

Weight: 2.25 lb/ 1 kg


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