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Ceramic Fish Platter, Tropical Fish Tray, Fish Platter, Serving Platter, Large Stoneware Platter

A decorated platter, hand painted with a tropical fish in assorted colors. The large stoneware platter is a great way to serve suchi, fruit, cheese and crackers. The colors on the top are hand painted blue, white, yellow and purple. The exterior of the fish plate are covered with a clear glossy glaze. The fish does not lay totally flat, the sides go up.

The fish decor tray is made with white-stoneware clay. The colorful fish platter is food, microwave and dishwasher safe. The approximate finished dimensions of the tropical fish plate are:

Height: 1.5 in /3.8 cm

Width: 10.25 in/ 26 cm (vertically from top fin to bottom fin);

13.5 in /34.2 cm (horizontally from tail to mouth)

For more information about this platter, or to purchase it, please visit

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