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Ceramic Vase, Off White Vase, Flower Lover Gift, Squat Vase, Porcelain Pottery, White and Soft Blue Cascading Glaze

Updated: May 18

For more information about this wide rim vase, or to purchase it, please visit:

An outstanding squat shape vase with a stunning white and soft blue glaze is a gift for a pottery lover. The super drips on the bottom are beautiful. The vase has a multitude of uses: cut flower vase, home decor accent piece, fruit bowl, small serving bowl or possible planter.

The piece of art pottery is made with porcelain clay. The exterior is a glossy light blue with white and beige highlights. The interior is a glossy light blue with a small flower decal in the center. The ceramic vase is food, microwave and dishwasher safe. The approximate finished dimensions of the wide rim vase are:

Height: 3.25 in/ 8.2 cm

Width: 5.25 in/ 13.3 cm

Depth: 2.3 in/ 5.8 cm

Liquid Capacity: 2.5 C/ 591 mL

Weight: 2 lb/ .9 kg


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