• Cranston Street Pottery

Cupid with Flowers Bowl

Usually cupid is shown with a bow and arrow, but he/she should be displayed with flowers. This piece will be a sentimental favorite for the those celebrating Valentine's Day and spring. It's a piece that can be used for serving food, storing items or just out for display.

In this piece, cupid is a decal in Oolong Matt glaze. Decals are printed images made from mineral toners. The toners are either silkscreen or digitally printed on special paper coated in a water soluble glue. The colored images are then covered with a glaze coating. The exterior is an Ironstone glaze. The process is a multi-step glazing and firing.

The piece is safe for eating, but should be hand washed. The colors are muted and sophisticated. For more information, please visit: etsy.com/shop/CranstonStPottery #CranstonStreetPottery #Cupid #valentinesgift #cupidandflowers

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