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Small Ceramic Plate, Ancient Creatures Pottery, Golden Dragon, Available at Etsy Shop

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Two mythical creatures are walking (or flying) in different directions on this small ceramic plate. The interior of the plate is glazed in multiple colors: yellow, black, beige and white. The two dragons, paisley and mandala are gold decals. The exterior is a black matte, with blue and gray highlights. If your mom, or mom substitute, is a dragon, sci-fi lover or mystical creature lover, she'll be over the moon with this gift.

The plate is made with stoneware clay. The small plate is dishwasher and food safe. Due to the 22K decals, it is recommended not to put the plate in the microwave. The approximate dimensions of the plate are:

Height: 1.5 in / 3.8 cm

Width: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm

Depth: .5 in / .68 cm

For more information about these creatures or to purchase them, please visit:

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