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Ceramic Bowl, Mission and Craftsman Inspired Bowl, Green Accent Pottery, Carved Pottery, Wide Rim Vase, Gift for Pottery Lover

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Inspired by Mission and Craftsman pottery, this piece is an understatement of rich green glaze. The textured exterior is made of a beige, taupe and green accents. The exterior glaze almost shimmers due to the texture. The interior is a rich matte Reitz Green, The piece was fired in a very high temperature in an historic pottery kiln.

The bowl can be used as a small serving or snack bowl, vase or planter. The bowl was made with porcelain clay. The green toned pot is food, microwave and dishwasher safe. The approximate finished dimensions of the pot are:

Height: 3.25 in/ 8.2 cm

Width: 4.75 in/ 12 cm

Depth: 2.5 in/ 6.3 cm

Liquid Capacity: 2 C/ 473 mL

Weight: 26 oz/ .73 kg


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