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Ceramic Planter with Drainage, Pink Ceramic Planter with Saucer, Wide Rim Planter, Mermaidcore Decor, Bohemian Decor

Updated: May 18

For more information about this planter, or to purchase it, please visit:

A pink ceramic planter with drainage holes and a water catcher plate is a thoughtful housewarming gift. The muli-color planter and Asian inspired saucer could be an addition to a mermaid core or bohemian decor home. A succulent garden will thrive in this cascading glaze planter.

The planter is made with white stoneware clay. The succulent garden planter is food, microwave and dishwasher safe. The approximate finished dimensions of the two pieces are:

Height: 2.75 in/ 6.9 cm

Width: 8.25 in/20.9 cm

Depth: 1.75 in/4.4 cm

Liquid Capacity: 0 (the planter has holes for drainage)

Weight: 3.5 lb/ 1.4 kg


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